Always Be Creative

"Edward was punctual and easy to work with. He took on board editorial and marketing suggestions. Friendly and personable, diligent and professional. He's been signed up for another book!"
• Jane Camillin, Director, Pitch Publishing

Making Words Dance

In snow-clad countries such as Austria, Norway and Sweden, we are often reminded that, in such nations where wintry weather is treated as part of life rather than a regular occurrence that still comes as a complete surprise, young children are able to competently ski at around the same time as they are learning to walk. I can’t ski. But I was certainly attempting to put my first words onto paper at around the same time as I was beginning to walk.

I’ve always loved the written word and all the subtleties and nuances of the English language. There’s always more to discover, to read, to explore and create. Writing is my vocation. It is what I’ve always done. So it was always, ultimately, going to be my work and my life.

My love for the written and spoken word led to my graduating from the University of Surrey in English Language and Literature before embarking on a career that saw me climb the corporate ladder in a variety of managerial roles within the fields of IT training, telecommunications and project management. Despite myriad responsibilities in these roles, I always found myself excelling most at those which involved using my creative abilities and writing skills. This meant that any and all new sales, marketing and general business documentation projects always came my way. Responsibilities included my being asked to plan, write and present a number of new or upgraded in-house tasks (eg) web copy, introductory letters, sales brochures plus business guidelines and, in one case, a complete company history for new employees.

I soon found that writing was occupying much of my own time as well as most of my ‘regular’ working hours. So, apart from being busy writing at work during the week, I would usually, during the evenings and at weekends be completing and submitting small features and opinion pieces for a variety of print and digital publications on an ever widening variety of subjects-sports, lifestyle, current affairs, new technologies, history, music, and contemporary cultural issues to name but a few.

Pitch Publishing books
The wide variety of work I was doing on a equally varied spread of topics led to my name and work becoming more well known and respected in the industry.This saw me being offered my first book deal by Pitch Publishing in 2010. I have since completed a second book for Pitch Publishing, with my third book for them due to be published in 2016.

Ed Couzens-Lake with Jeremy Goss
In 2014 I worked as the ghostwriter on the official autobiography of Jeremy Goss, the former Norwich City and Wales professional footballer who swiftly became one of the most prominent and well known names in the game during the early years of English football’s Premier League. 'Gossy’ (Amberley Publishing, 2014) has since drawn a lot of positive feedback which included my being asked to submit extracts from the book for inclusion in a newspaper. I have also spent a lot of time promoting the book, which swiftly went to reprint, on radio and television.

It remains one of the most satisfying pieces of work I have been involved with. The continuing success of this book, together with the enjoyment I got working as a ghostwriter saw me swiftly take on another project of that nature, my ninth book to date, working with and on behalf of Gillian Large for her powerful and acclaimed memoir ‘It’s Always The Children’ (LEB Books, 2015).

My portfolio, range and list of clients and wide areas of expertise in a variety of written disciplines has grown throughout 2015 to now include working as a producer and presenter on local radio, being invited to speak about my work at both public and private functions as well as arranging and hosting quiz evenings and other events for individuals and businesses, new and rapidly expanding branches of my work that I will be offering throughout 2016.

signed copy
Good communication, whatever its nature, is acceptable. But great communication, written or verbal, should be the standard. It is that standard which I aim for in all of my work, regardless of scale, budget or target audience and whether you require a 250 word press release for your village function or a full edit and rewrite for a 250,000 word manuscript with a view to eventual publication with a launch event and publicity, all of which I can arrange and manage on your behalf.

Whatever your written, marketing, promotional and overall communication needs are, I look forward to having the opportunity to discuss them and learn more about you, your business and the aims and objectives you have for that specific project. All enquiries and questions are welcomed and will be treated in a prompt, courteous and professional manner.

I look forward to hearing from you.

"I've been pleased to work alongside Edward at several of his book launches and at other book events in the store. We've always had a great time as Edward is well known and liked as an author locally and interacts well with any audience."
• Carole Slaughter, Marketing Manager, Jarrold of Norwich