Cut Out The Celebrity Obsession

Have you noticed the increasing amount of television programmes that boast the presenters name in their titles?

Turning Your Life Story Into A Book

I’m passionate about people and the stories they have to tell. Their lives, experiences and memories.

We’ve all seen the shelves of our local bookshops groaning under the weight of the latest collection of celebrity autobiographies.

Edward Couzens-Lake, Broadcaster

I've been working in radio for a little over four years now. A fully fledged, if still a little wet behind the ears, broadcaster.

Something which taken me a little bit by surprise if I’m honest with you.

Because, first and extremely foremost, I’m a writer. And a good one. How do I know that? Because I am constantly in work with a regular stream of commissions and enquiries about my availability for various projects pitched to me on a regular basis.

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