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Gossy book launchCopywriting is written content conveyed through either traditional print or online media publications. The copy required can be absolutely anything in terms of subject and content but is primarily used for the purposes of advertising, marketing and sales. The objective of the written material is to persuade either individuals or groups to use, purchase or promote a specific product or service as well as raising its brand awareness.

I will provide eye catching and compelling new copy for you whatever your requirements. Whether this is traditional print or digital media/online, let me create a fresh new look and image for you and your business. This includes advertisements and promotional materials, blogging, catalogues, brochures and leaflets; E Mails, sales letters and other forms of marketing communications.

If you are undecided about exactly what you need or how to plan and action your new campaign, I can assist you in devising the most effective and productive way to launch and manage it. No project or plan is too big-or too small.

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You may already have some drafted written materials which need an expert eye to go over them to look for ways in which they can be improved (eg) document formatting, grammar, spell checking and rewriting. I can work with you on a wide variety of mediums here, from academic essays and dissertations to manuscripts, web and general copy of all types.

Even if you have checked over your completed work several times and are convinced that it is word perfect and ready for publication, it still may benefit you to have it checked through by a professional and impartial eye. It is very easy for us to become overly familiar with our own work, even to the point of complacency, so it is always beneficial to have it independently proof read before final submission. I will read over your documents swiftly, methodically and accurately; amending spelling errors, adjusting grammar where appropriate and offering advice on the piece in general.

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What is a blog? Simple. It’s an easy to use platform on your website that gives you the opportunity to directly connect with your customers in order to share relevant and exclusive information about you and your business. Your blog acts as a digital newsletter for your customers, one that engages directly with them; a constantly updated method of communication with the people who matter to you the most.

A blog gives your company a voice, a place where you can introduce new products and services, comment on relevant news topics or make announcements about yourself and your business. It also gives you the opportunity to create a two-way conversation with customers, prospects and your peers within the industry. This makes them a valuable communication resource that encourages direct interaction and feedback to which you can respond, showing, in the process, that keeping in touch with your customers is a core value of your business, something you can be certain that they will appreciate and so recommend you to others. You need to start blogging today.

Working in conjunction with your webmaster I can plan, write and submit relevant copy to you to publish on your site. This can be on a weekly or bi-weekly basis or even just once a month. You may, on the other hand, wish to publish on an ad-hoc basis, reacting to industry change and comment as they happen, ensuring that the wider business world always looks to you for the first reaction and comment.

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Speech Writing & Presentations

book signing with Jeremy GossDo you have a pending speech to make and are not clear on what you want to say? Or are nervous about making it in the first place? I can help you plan, devise and deliver your speech whatever the occasion.

I have many years of experience and expertise in preparing and delivering speeches and presentations at all sorts of functions and occasions, whether they are of a personal nature or relating to the world of business. Public speaking should be something that you enjoy, it’s your moment, your chance to be the centre of attention and the focus of every single person in the room: what better opportunity could there be to make a really positive impact on others, to create and to be one of the major reasons an occasion is both a successful and memorable one?

There is no need to be apprehensive or nervous about it. By applying my simple ten point plan to devising, writing and delivering your speech or presentation, I can help make the whole process enjoyable for you as well as entertaining for your audience.

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Writing Seminars

Do you want to improve your appreciation and understanding of the written word, our wonderful language and the great works of literature that populate it? From evening sessions to either a half or full day, these relaxing yet informative and very much ‘hands on’ sessions look at both, from exploring and discussing your own favourite books and authors to encourage and cajole you to seek out your own ‘inner writer’ by putting your own words onto paper for both you and everyone else who is there to enjoy.

These workshops do not concern themselves with the rules of grammar, the intricacies of punctuation and the myriad rules and regulations of the written language, important as they all are. These sessions are designed to celebrate the language, the books and the writers, a fun and creative way to discover more about them and, most importantly, you and your writing potential. They can be arranged and booked by clubs, societies, schools, colleges and businesses; planned and facilitated with you in mind. Informal yet informative. And fun! Bring out your creativity for the day-and see where it takes you!

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"In his capacity as a MyFootballWriter columnist and my capacity as the site’s editor, Ed and I have worked together for three years. In that time he has consistently delivered copy of the very highest quality and his unique ability to story-tell is truly wonderful. His writing can be poignant, touching and yet, when the time is right, inducing of more than the odd belly laugh. And most important of all? He’s an absolute gent and I’m proud to call him my friend."
• Gary Gowers, writer for Metro Sport