Cut Out The Celebrity Obsession

Have you noticed the increasing amount of television programmes that boast the presenters name in their titles?

Nothing is guaranteed to put me off watching a programme than one that tries to sell itself by using the perceived 'celebrity' of the host, rather the subject matter it is supposed to be dealing with. It's a great example of TV production companies underestimating the intelligence of the viewer when they all have to sit around debating their efforts on a noteworthy subject but feel, however relevant and important the issue is, no-one will watch it unless some grim and overhyped 'celebrity' is attached to it.

Believe me, they will be sat in one of their little meeting rooms at their corporate HQ utterly convinced that, no matter how well written and produced a programme about, for example, the growth of urban sprawl is, no-one will watch it unless it has a bit of glitter added.

Hence 'Urban Sprawl: The Case For And Against Development Of Green Field Sites" becomes 'Alan Titchmarsh's Concrete Hell". Dumbed down television with added "...oh, we like Alan Titchmarsh, we'll watch that".

I won't.

Channel 5 appear to be the biggest and most regular offenders here. Yet their pandering to the world of the celebrity is one of the lesser charges that should be levelled against them.

They commission some of the most dreadful and asinine television programmes it has ever been my displeasure to have to watch.

Take their recent series about the daily 'goings on' at Paddington Railway station for example. I can only assume the script was written by someone who has assumed all of the hundreds of regular viewers of the channels programmes are as incapable of coherent thought as he or she is.

The programmes script regularly featured lines like "Paddington Station is a railway station. A big one. In London. With lots and lots of trains using it every day. Sometimes they are late."

No wonder it wasn't called "Piers Morgan's Paddington Stories" or similar. Not even Morgan would have wanted to have been associated with a script that dreadful.

Maybe its a good thing, in that case, that the script was so bad?